Sash window draught proofing and services

We are happy to help with any sash window service or product you may require in Kent and London. With over a decades worth of experience in sash window repairs you can feel safe that your windows are being treated with care and diligence. Below is a list of the sash window products and services we provide our customers in London and Kent.

An example of how extensive our sash window repairs can be.

Sash Window Replacement –
We will always try to repair and restore sash windows rather than replace. But if your sash windows are beyond repair then we would recommend sash window replacements.

Counterbalancing Sashes –
This is a common complaint amongst our customers. Counterbalancing is where over time your sash windows become unbalanced. This may cause your windows to slide up or down even without use. This problem is simply solved by adding weights to either side of your sash to balance them out again.

Replacement Sill –
Your Sash Window sill helps protect you from water ingress, we can simply repair or replace any sills that are letting water through.
Your sash window sill is an important part of your sash window. Your sill helps protect your windows from water. Water will eventually rot your boxes. We can either repair or replace the sill if required.

Replacement Sashes –
While this is an uncommon service, if left unprepared sashes will eventually go beyond the stage of being repairable. If this is the case then replacement sashes may be required.

Re-Glazing –
We re-glaze windows for many reasons. The most common is that our customers want to install double glazing or toughened glass. These types of glass reduce noise pollution.

Overhauling –
Overhauling is one of our main services. An overhaul is simp
ly a light restoration of your sashes. Like other aspects of your property over time sashes require attention, they can become unbalanced, slightly rotten and become hard to operate. With an overhaul we fix these problems so that your windows are fully functional and look as good as they did on the first day they were installed.

General Repairs to Sash Windows –
A general repair to a sash window is much like an overhaul but to a lesser degree. With this service we will solve any problems your sashes may have and make sure they are fully operational.

Installing Security & Window Furniture –
When having your windows serviced we recommend installing security locks and window furniture. We are happy to install window furniture that has been provided to us for no extra charge. Security locks are an important aspect of your sash windows. We can install all different types of security locks the most common we use is the Brighton Fastener. We will make the security locks look a part of your window furniture. By achieving this we can keep your sash windows looking as ornate as possible.

Sealing/Re-Pointing Box to Brick –
Overtime your pointing will disappear or become structurally unsound. We will either repair or replace the pointing depending on the severity of the damage.

Sash window draught proofing

Sash window draught proofing is the single best value for money that can be spent on your property for insulation, maintenance, and overall improvement to your comfort. Sash window draught proofing has a significant instant effect and will last well beyond our five year guarantee period. From just £197.40 we will replace staff bead, parting beads, and install new sash cords. We will then install a series of hidden rebated brush seals that are both durable and hard wearing. These draught seals serve to stop draught, reduce noise, stop water ingress, stop dust ingress, and eliminate annoying rattles.

Sash window draught proofing has fast become the most common ash window improvement over the last decade. By simply installing our unique rebated system you too can bring your windows to a  more comfortable standards of modern living.

As you can see from the pictures these windows were also decorated at the point of draught proofing. We can offer you a full restoration and renovation service. We always supply our draught proofing system with one style of furniture. We generally draft proof 4/8 windows per day dependent on condition, size, and location. Why not call us today for your free no obligation sash window draught proofing quotation.

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