Sash Window Repairs are the most extensive part of our service to Kent and London. We have been repairing sash windows since 1997 and have now carried out sash window repairs to over twenty thousand sash windows. We specialise in sash window repairs that range from sill replacement to glass replacement with general overhauling and draught proofing.
We have a combined experience of over 30 years and have repaired many sash and case windows. We often find ourselves repairing sash windows condemned by other specialists.. We always salvage your joinery where possible, many of the windows we service are over 100 years old and we believe they are part of our heritage. We aim to bring your sash windows up to modern standards of comfort whilst maintaining their original look.

Sash Window Repairs
Sash Window Repairs

When we are servicing sash windows the most common problem is that we encounter is poor draught insulation, allow too much noise pollution, and rattle when it’s windy. These problems can simply be eliminated by installing a draught insulation system. Our comprehensive draught insulation system eliminates draughts, rattling and helps reduce the noise pollution.

We can provide you with a comprehensive double glazing solution to reduce volume. Not all sash windows are suitable for double glazing, but the majority can handle a double glazed window. With double glazing installed any noise outside will be considerably reduced. Double glazing also helps reduce heat loss and improve heating bills.

Double Glazing
Double Glazing

Sash window repairs that we regularly effect are replacement sill section,renew glazing options, simple frame splices, replacement rails to sashes, and overhaul with draught sealing incorporated. We carry out extremely extensive repairs should your building be grade one listed or similar. Please do browse our site to see what is possible!

We have over 30 years of combined sash window repairing experience. Over the years that we have been servicing sash windows we have overcome every sash window problem we have encountered. We have been in operation for nearly fifteen years and as a result have seen two warranty periods expire. We have traded under the same name since day one. Should you require us to pop back to put something right within a five year period we will be happy to do so.

If your considering replacement then we would be glad to hear from you. We would be pleased to go through repair options first. We would equally be glad to hear from you should you consider sash window repairs. We offer competitive prices and reasonably quick turn around times. Please do to get in touch today so we can work out a bespoke solution for you.


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